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Hello folks!
I just pulled the trigger on a S5Pro today! I was reading up just now on the machine, and saw this, that I’d not seen before.

Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 10.49.36 PM

If I had, I definitely would have gotten the DIY mount plate!

But, the question is: What do you use the mount for, if you use it? Would love to see what folks out there have done! I’m interested in mounting a camera, and this might be a good solution!

Heard a rumor about a laser. Don’t know… C3D probably has several irons in the fire

These were announced at:

and work great!

I use one for a vibration-activated run-time meter — very professional looking.

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I haven’t bought the accessory mount plate yet but when I do I’m going to try it as a webcam mounting point and maybe design and experiment with some 3D prints that can attach to hold things like a small bottle for alcohol misting, an alternate vacuum attachment point, and maybe something that holds a piece of acrylic or vinyl to catch some aluminum chips.

Another interesting idea I just had would be to attach an IR thermometer module aimed at the router bit and attached to a Raspberry Pi that could give a warning if temperatures passed a certain threshold.

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I have my JTech laser attached to the accessory mount.


I have no experience in this, but I"d love to set up a camera trained at the bit to be able to tell when there’s a failure, either through a bit breaking or workhold failure… I added the DIY plate to mount a camera… Sounds like you might have some thoughts in that area.

I use it to mount my air blast/mister for cutting aluminum. The mounting holes were almost a perfect match, just had to open them up a bit. I don’t use the air blast at the same time as dust collection, just threw it on there for a quick picture.


Very nice. Thanks! Do you use air blast just when cutting metal, or is there an application when cutting wood?

edit Just re read your post. Doh!

I have two mounts, one with a Noga arm and dial test indicator, and a second with a GoPro on a RAM arm that I use for timelapses.


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