Accuracy of Hole

I’m trying to place a hole in the center of a 1x2" tube of aluminum. When I set the center of the hole at 1" on the axis, the hole comes out 0.015" off center. Setting the center at 0.985" makes it perfect. This occurs whether I use Carbide Create or Fusion. When I flip the tube to make the hole on the other side the holes are diagonal from each other, creating a big problem.

Anyone have any ideas on what is going on and how to solve this?

Endmill runout. Please adjust the diameter of your endmill in your CAM program to account for the effective cutting diameter.


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Have you measured the tube to make sure the 2" is actually 2"?

Also, how are you zeroing the machine?

I’ve zeroed by eye and also with a Z probe. Same results

And you confirmed the 2"?

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I suspect you actually have 2" ID, .015" thick tubing…

I’ll be able to check that on Monday

This is the tubing I was testing on

I’d still suggest measuring…there’s something funny going on here.

If the problem occurs and is constant, it is probably a case of the tube being of approximate size or maybe shifting of the origin when the piece is flipped.

Have you tried measuring if the hole is in fact 0.985 in from the side? You don’t say if the original hole is exactly in the middle. This may not resolve the issue but if can you turn instead of flipping the piece so your Shapeoko is measuring the 0.085 (X or Y) from the same side of the tube. It may align the holes but not be in the middle where you want them.

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