Acrylic Sign Engraving

I am wondering if anyone with a Nomad is using it to engrave acrylic signs? I’m ready to buy but wrestling to decide if I should invest in one of the Roland EGX 30A sign makers or the Nomad. I want the Nomad (actually wish I could get something bigger but its inside my apartment and the wife will not go for a machine shop in the living room) it is awesome, can do much more than engraving signs which opens more options for business and is a better value BUT the business I have that I can start out with is some small sign engraving for the company I work at. I only get one shot at this as funds are limited so I was wondering if anyone is doing those two-ply acrylic or plastic signs, and perhaps aluminum signs like unit numbers, name plates, office numbers and the like and would share their experience and/or pictures.

I’m ready to go but want to be as sure as I can reasonably be.


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There’s one I’d mistaken as such in the gallery:

(turns out it was painted after the fact)

I’ve cut and V carved the acrylic from the Carbide 3D shop, no problems.

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Just got a used nomad not too long ago. I’ve been loving playing with it, and hopefully you won’t need it but support has been amazing.
I’ve mostly done wood (and air as testing) to this point. I have plans to do aluminium soon, but haven’t started yet.

This was my getting started project. First couple were out of cheap pine and sort of learning what depths and size worked.

I also am doing a raspberry pi case out of Sapele later as well. Already did part of it as a test in cheap 2x4 lumber. That job took like 8 hours. I did it over the span of 2 days.



These are examples of what I mean. They use 2 ply/2 color plastics and aluminum. Not sure if anyone has done this? If not I just want to be sure I can produce them efficiently - so if someone order 30 unit numbers 2" x 4" I want to be sure that putting in an 8" x 8" piece of material I can pop out 8 signs in a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable amount of effort and quality output. If you’ve done any similar work let me know. If not but you know the product well enough to tell me that is pretty straightforward then I’m ready to go. The sign engraver is straight forward but mostly limited to the one basic function so I’d rather have the Nomad and scratch both itches.

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We had a support ticket of a person wanting to work this sort of thing up — they never sent any photos back, but seemed pleased w/ the files which were worked up for cutting such.

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@stormvisions I’m not 100% sure, but that photo looks like Kings colorCore HDPE. If that’s what you’re thinking, you should have no trouble cutting it on the Nomad. I cut that stuff all the time on a similarly powered machine.


Thanks that will do it.

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