Add Fonts to Carbide Create

How do I do this and what tyoes of fonts can i import

Carbide Create uses the fonts which are installed in your computer.

Please note:

  • the QT type object which we use has a lower limit for # of installed fonts, so if a font doesn’t appear, it may be you have installed more than it can handle — remove some which aren’t needed until you get below that threshold
  • fonts may appear out of alphabetical order based on their internal naming and how QT interprets the font names — please check the entire list
  • only cross-platform fonts, OpenType or TrueType, are supported — proprietary platform-specific fonts may or may not work. If they don’t work, I’m afraid you’ll need to choose some other font
  • if you wish, there is an alternate way to install fonts only for use in Carbide Create — do About | Carbide | Carbide Create | Open Data Directory, then open the Carbide Create/fonts directory which that reveals and place fonts which you wish to use in Carbide Create there — they will then be available at the top of the list the next time you launch CC

Further considerations:

  • you can preview fonts by setting some type, then if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel positioning the cursor over the font drop-down menu and scrolling through the list
  • while it’s not feasible to preview multiple fonts in Carbide Create one can generate a list of samples in third-party utilities easily such as:
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Cc uses the system fonts. On winders you some have to install for all users to see them in cc sometimes. Normally you just double click the font and follow prompts. If you right click on font you get different options and one is install for all users. Some fonts just will not show up in cc.

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