Add "Resume" button in Carbide Motion

In Carbide Motion, when a job is running, a “Pause” button is shown to allow the user to pause the currently running job. Once the job is paused, the “Pause” button immediately turns into a “Cancel” button, and the status text becomes a clickable to resume the job. This is poor UI design. Here is a alternate UI scheme that would be a bit nicer:

State: Job Running
Button 1: “Pause” -> Goto state Job Paused

State: Job Paused
Button 1: “Resume” -> Goto state Job Running
Button 2: “Cancel” -> Goto state Job Canceled

The “Pause” and “Resume” buttons should appear in exactly the same place, so that an accidental double-click of the pause button doesn’t terminate the current job and eliminate all of the progress made. Also, “Resume” should be a button, just like “Pause” and “Cancel”, rather than some weird clickable status message.



I second that! Although, I would like to see neither the cancel nor the resume button in the Button 1 position, just in case you urgently see a crash just about to happen press pause and then were to accidentally double press and end up resuming the cut before the cause of the crash is eliminated. It seems to be a very easy but very beneficial upgrade to the software.

On my copy of Carbide Motion, when I pause a job the Cancel button appears in the same place as Pause was (below the hexagon), and there is a “Play” triangle icon in the middle of the large hexagon, the same as for Begin Project.

Yes Randy and that is exactly the issue dpalchak is referring too. Supposed you double click the pause button by mistake - I’ve nearly done it a heap of times, then your whole job stops and there is no way to restart it.

Yes, I have pointed out the superposition of the Pause and Stop buttons before, and have accidentally stopped a couple of runs myself, to my great frustration. I was more pointing out that the Resume function is the same as the Begin function…