Add 'Toolpath Road Map" while running jobs

This is a copy of a request from the software threads…but I wanted to get it officially in the pool for improvements:

When a job is running, add a toolpath list: with it’s estimated time for each step and tool to be used - along with an indicator of which toolpath is currently running, it’s % complete and remaining estimated time.

What that would let us do is know how long before the next tool change is needed, or get us ready to pause, and check something once a given toolpath is completed. Of course, without losing the overall time and % complete that’s there already

I don’t run the jobs without “watching” the machine…but I often do something else and listen or glance over regularly…so knowing how long I have (not just until tool change, but how long for a given toolpath) would be quite helpful.

Something like this:


The calorimeter I use in the thermodynamics lab has one of the coolest running icons. A little stick figure running in place.

I will second the idea of time to next event indication in carbide motion.

Additionally, as I suggested elsewhere, a boundary check on the cut to lessen the chances for crashes. (Embroidery sewing machines do this, as per my wife)



The gcode sender called “gSender” has an Outline function that moves your device around the outter regions of the cut so you know if your cut is in bounds without actually cutting/burning.

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That’s a good idea @GJM . We’ll have to take a look at how difficult that would be to make happen.

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