Added a LED light bar to the work area

Had the machine apart to clean and check all the fasteners and decided to add a light bar. Took some measurements and got lucky. Turns out my extra light bar fits! Routed the USB cable through the control board housing and out the top of the machine. Next time I have the machine apart I might drill a hole through the side where the power/USB exit.



Oooh, that fits perfectly! And since I dont think the footprint changes that size will fit in new nomad.
I was looking at doing 2 bars to the right and left, which I think Winston did, or making a sort of stopper for the clear lid and put the lights there. (edit: which I think someone else did the lid stop light thing.)
Edit 2: Found it: A little upgrade to my Nomad today

Yeah, I was surprised it fit so well. I used some 3M tap to hold two metal L brackets to the back plate. The light itself is magnetic and sticks to the brackets. I thought about some light on the sides of the machine or the enclosure cover but didn’t want to run a bunch of wires.

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Very nice - the first time I think I have seen one mounted in the back like that!

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