A little upgrade to my Nomad today

These days I need lots of light so I installed these corner led light strips.


Looks good. Added to my potential upgrade list.

Me too, Added to my list project…

I love it. Was also thinking about making a lip there to help better trap the dust in.
Now thinking about it, also making a port to hook up a vacuum to the side as well.

do they tie into the existing power supply or have a separate unit? look good!

Mine came with it’s own power supply but since they run off 12v you could wire it into the machine if you wanted to I am sure. I have not opened up my machine that far so I don’t know where they would hook up.

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gotcha. I was hoping you’d save me some effort in wiring it direct to the machine. :slight_smile:

You can totally use the internal power supply.

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I don’t know what specific terminal it is on the nomad circuitry, only inspected it once so far. Another thought if that doesn’t work, is you could have them run off 2 different supplies but integrate it into the Nomads switch/button. So when you turn on/off the Nomad so will the lights. Just another option that comes to mind.

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