Adding Amana Tool 30 V to Create Library

I’m new to CNCs and have a Shapeoko XXL using Carbide Create. I bought the above Amana bit hoping to do some detailed hardwood engraving, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to load this into my tool library with the correct measurements plus feeds and speeds. Also, the description says 30 degree engraving, but I am still adding it as a vee bit in my library, correct? I appreciate the help - thank you!

In the newer version in order to enter a custom tool it is necessary to create a new user library — tools may then be added to that by using the graphical interface.

See: Adding tools in CC440 and later

Note that since the move to curated values in 434, certain entries which were required are now hidden in the data since they are not needed.

Also see:

Thank you for the zip - there is a similar 30 engraver in there. I should have been more specific to say that I know the steps of creating new bits in the library, I was more stuck on the numbers of this specific bit.