Adding Materials to the Job Setup Tab

Hi everyone! First post here after a while of lurking. Sorry in advanced if this question has already been asked but I couldn’t find an answer on these forums…

So after using my nomad for a while and being somewhat disappointed by the default feeds and speeds for different materials I would like to add my own material feed and speeds for different materials and tools. Does anyone know if this is possible with the Carbide Create software and how I could go about doing it? I know I could go through and edit the parameters of my cuts in the Toolpath tab but life would be much better if I could just configure my own materials in the job setup page and then all my cuts would be automatically updated when I make a change to the universal parameters.

Glad to be participating in the community! Thank you in advance!


I’m afraid that the materials settings are built into the app (or its registry settings?).

Since you have a Nomad, you may want to look at using MeshCAM more — it has a facility to save tool and feed-speed settings:

(really wish Carbide Create could open those, or better still, read them from a folder dynamically).


Thanks for the reply! Trying to get access to meshcam

The beta of MeshCAM v7 has a facility where one sets it up to work w/ a Nomad, and that’s all that’s needed — no activation code required.

Just grab the file from:

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