Adding tools to user library

I have purchased some new tools as I am experimenting with some vcarve inlays but I am not exactly sure how to set them up. When I go into the user library to add the tools it doesn’t ask for things like the cutting height or tip diameter. I purchased an Amana 45780-k which is a 15 degree vbit but has a .07 diameter tip rather than a point like the Amana 45611-k that has a .005 tip. Any suggestions? it seems like it would matter…


Using CC Pro build 464

I’m afraid that Carbide Create doesn’t support certain endmill geometries, notable rounded V tips or tapered endmills with ball-noses — You can either fake them (as we do with our rounded tip PCB engravers which are entered), or enter them w/o the rounded tip and use a suitable feeler gauge to make up for the missing material when probing Z.

Thanks Will. what about adjusting the flute length? I am trying to use an Amana 45611-k that has a flute length of 1.25 but the CC shows it at! .5 and 2 flutes. I can’t see where to change this.

Flute length is one of the values which can be entered in the underlying file, but which Carbide Create won’t act on.

Since CC won’t act on it is really not necessary then?

Correct. While it’s possible to enter flute length, at this time, in current versions it’s not used for anything.

Thanks… Man you are fast on the replies!

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