Adding Whiteside Bit to Create

I bought this V-Groove bit to do stars on an American flag. What do I need to put into the tool creation part of Carbide Create to make sure I have the right settings? Is it 30 degrees per flute? What are the other settings? Thanks for all the help!

Can you post a link to the bit in question? Need more information to be able to help.

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Please see:

If you have difficulty with that, post the details and we’ll try to help.

I cannot really tell from the link how many flutes, but I am assuming 2. Since you have the bit in hand you should be able to tell. But I would select the #302 in the library then click ‘Add Tool’ to copy the #302 settings to a new tool. Change the flute length to 7/16".

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agree with below pick 302. It will have the settings automatic. My question to you is I’m wanting to create a flag with stars. How are you doing it. I’m new to CNC and to carbide Create. Can you tell me how you created the g code? Thank you in advance.

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