Adjust Tool Change Position for use with Bit Prober

Very excited to get the Carbide Probe Setter working as the Bit Prober. I seriously dig how easy it was to significantly upgrade the value of this machine.

Now that I’ve used it I am wondering how I can change where the machine lands to change to tool. In the Carbide video on the product it shows the machine stopping just at the edge near the user for easy bit changing. However mine, an XXL, stops in roughly the middle of the board.

Any ideas on how to change this setting to somewhere else?

I looked in the config data but didn’t see anything that said quite this. I could have missed something though!

Do the rapid position commands bring the router where they are supposed to ?
If not, it could be that your machine settings are on “XL” instead of “XXL” ? Maybe double check that in the Settings menu ?

And there is no way (as far as I know) to configure the position where Carbide Motion will go for tool changes, it’s middle front of the machine.


The N, E, S, W commands work great. The tool change is in the middle of the board. Sort of center-right.

Where is the Shapeoko pulling this information from anyways?

If it these location parameters do no exist in the Config Data then where do they live?

It used to be that the numbers were defined from the table configuration size values in Grbl — I believe they are now hard-coded into CM.

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Okay, seems like @Julien was right on the mark. The settings must have changed from SO3 XXL to SO3 Regular when I loaded in the Bit Setter recently.

Tool change is now in correct place.

Tank you both!


Remember to reset your Bit Setter location too… Yikes!

When it is out of position you need to disable before initializing or it will get stuck. Initialize without Bit Setter activated, then re-activate manually with correct machine size (still not sure why that changed as it didn’t do it the second time around…)

Also, there is a bug with the Bit Setter. It doesn’t like extra long bits.

If the bit sticks out more than 1.15 inches (ish) from the collet the acceleration to probe will hit the button first.

Should I just re-print the model with the button moved down further? Or, can this ramp in be changed?

Working with the 3D printed model from here:

Not a bug, how high it holds the router for a bit change is coded into Carbide Motion and programmed to hold at an appropriate height for the BitSetter. I would reprint it to be closer to the height the real BitSetter as I have had no issue with mine with even really long end mills. And from your picture the button sure does look higher up than where a real BitSetter’s button is located.

Good call. Thank you for that tip I will surely remodel and then reprint!

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