Adjust Z-zero Mid-Job

This is such an important and simple feature I can’t imagine why it hasn’t been implemented already. I think I’ve read things like ‘workflow safety’ but I have no idea what that actually means. There are endless way to crash this machine with no software/mechanical safeguards in place, what about adjusting a zero makes this worse? I’d love to be able to pause a job (or utilize the automatic pause triggered by tool or RPM changes), and run a new zeroing sequence.

I own 4 Shapeokos now and have several hundred hours in operating them. The bitsetter is handy for running multiple tools from one file, but its potential is really wasted on not having a manual re-zero option. Notice your tool slipping in the collet? Pause the job, tighten it up, and hit the bitsetter again to re-index the z height. It would be so nice!!

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