Adjusting depth

Ok so again new to CNC when I go over this it seems like it should have worked so I’m not sure if this was a programming issue meaning me or something else. I made a simple 3 pocket tray with my initials on it. Everything cut great. I did not like the lines it made with the 202 end mill so I adjusted the step over and it was better. The v-carve came out good. Ok so here was the issue. I wanted everything a bit deeper so my original pocket depth was .3 inches same with my v-carve initial. So I set my start depth at .3 and new depth to .4 the pockets worked out great I asked for a bit change and I put it in and it did its thing. It then proceeded to bury it self in my initials about .5 inches and ruined the trey. It even flexed my bed I could not find the emergency stop fast enough.

Where was the zero set?

Again new to CNC so what do you mean. Material was maple and set at .75 thick. At the start of the job I did do the bitzero v2 but not after I switched bits. I may even have done them in separate jobs so that may be the issue is I did not do the bitzero for the v-carve I don’t remember if i did or not. Also I’m a bit confused when to do this step the order of operations


Some possible causes:

  • the change made to the file
  • the endmill pulling out
  • the machine losing steps
  • changing a tool w/o using the BitSetter

It’s hard to debug without knowing:

  • the initial state
  • the specifics of the file
  • how the machine was setup
  • how tool changes were managed

The bit setter was used I do know that

Post the original file, the modified one, and let us know step-by-step what you did to run each and we will try to look into this with you.

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