Adjusting design for successful cutting

I followed you steps, above, actually 3 times, but when I get to step 5 for the lettering, it returns “Empty Toolpath”?? Is there a step missing maybe?


What sort of toolpath are you trying to apply?

Post the file and show the selection you are having difficulty with?

testing vcarve for phone blocks.c2d (332 KB)
Here is the file and the challenge is the lettering. Not sure why, but nothing seems to work for the lettering. I don’t want it to be very deep, but I have tried about every depth I can with no results.

Looking forward to where I’m not thinking about it correctly.

Your tool is 0.5" diameter. It won’t fit inside those letters.
In fact, it looks like they are only about 0.020 wide. Even a 1/32" tool won’t go.
Try a V-carve toolpath with the 60° Vee :wink:


I have tried a V60 and V30 and 501 engraver and McFly 120 and nothing seems to get it done very well?
I’ve tried pocket and contour also.

This gets into figure-ground reversal — if your design has small details which you wish to cut in one way, then it is most workable if the entire design is described thus.

Select the outlines of your design:

and offset to the outside by the desired line width:

Then a V carving should work (note that I don’t have all of the fonts you were using)

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Sorry, had to go get the dog from the groomers. Will try that and see.


I guess I’m just too dense today. I think I followed your instructions, but my results don’t come out like yours. I have changed the depth from the 0.25 all the way down to 0.005 and it still doesn’t look like yours, per attached. I guess I just can’t make my s/w match yours.
testing vcarve for phone blocks.c2d (548 KB)

you are adding too many offset outlines. you only need to outline the lions so that the Vee-Carve has 2 lines to work between

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I did only offset the lions and the letters as Will said. I just tried again and still shows and ugly simulation and not the outlines??

OK. Just deleted it all and started again and I think I have it. I’ll try and cut it and see.


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