Adobe Illustrator SVG -> Carbide Create


I have been using the workflow stated in the title to make 2D cut paths and it works great. I love Illustrator and exporting as an SVG is a great way to get the info to Carbide Create.

However, after I updated to the latest Carbide Create (totally worth it thank you!) I have noticed that when I import an SVG from AI it is scaled down ca. 1/3. Has anyone else noticed this?

When I export an SVG from another program it loads fine. Such as Sketchup.

Curious if I can get some help figuring out if this is my bad on the export settings or potentially a bug.

Let me know what files I should upload, screenshots to grab, or settings to write down to make this as easy as possible.

Thank you!

The problem is that there isn’t an agreed-upon definition of how resolution / size will be specified for SVGs — best thing to do is to draw a rectangle of known size around the drawing and then check the size of that rectangle and its contents after import.

Please send a sample SVG in to us at with notes on: size in Illustrator, SVG export settings used, size it imports at and we’ll try to have a developer look into this.

Too funny, that is my best workaround at this point!

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