Adult Coloring Books for Images

I have a surplus store called Ollies in Nacgodoches. They have a lot of discounted books. In the book department there is a large display of adult coloring books. I have bought several because I like the images and intend to scan them and convert to SVG and use for carving box tops. If you pass by any adult coloring books take a look. You may find something you like. Not all the images are suitable for carving but there are a lot of line drawings. If you cant use the images then you can always color the images while waiting for a project to cut.

Aren’t these images copyrighted?

Please use legitimately available images — public domain, or authorized for duplication.

Please see: for some possible sources.

Will is right. I went and looked at the books and they are copyrighted. You can still color them while waiting for a project to finish.

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I have this web site bookmarked, so I can refer to it for inspiration as I’m dredging through the enormous supply of material available today.

Fair Use is a Balancing Test

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