Adv. VCarve Inlay Problem

I am trying to finish an Adv. VCarve inlay project but I am not able to work through one small detail in the toolpathing phase. Four of the larger triangles do not have the same sharp, outer points as the smaller triangles, which is causing them to have a rounded point. I am curious if anyone has any ideas what in the design needs to be changed for those points to match the smaller ones. I welcome any information or ideas.

Compass Rose Inlay (Forum).c2d (504 KB)

This can happen with very acute angles. I add another node to the vector very close to the point to give it the tiniest bit of a radius, this usually helps.


This is a known bug, but one which we haven’t had many example files for — thank you for posting this one, we’ll add it to the couple we already have and hopefully it will help the developers work up a fix.

I appreciate this. Worked like a charm.

I had the same thing happen, on a compass rose as a matter of fact, that looked a lot like that one.
I did the same as Lester, but just squared off the end of the point by only 0.001" - 0.002", and it picked it up.

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After using this a couple of times with good success, I was a bit bewildered last night that my inlay (top section) didn’t fit the bottom. After coming to the forum I found this post so I thought I’d share the files which I’ve had trouble with.
inlay-test-top.c2d (76 KB)
inlay-test-bottom.c2d (72 KB)

The problem seems to be compounded by making the bottom gap setting larger.
The bug seems to be that unless the v-bit cutter is due to touch the bottom of the cut then it gets abandoned, rather than raising up to create a narrow slot.


This is with a 40 degree cutter.

HTH to track it down.

Try editing the geometry to slightly open up the narrow end.

Thanks Will, I actually decreased the rather generous “Bottom Gap” setting from 0.8mm to 0.6mm which made it go all the way to the end. So I have a way forward but with less space to get my saw between the parts after glueing.
The post was really to add to collateral to help improve/debug the feature.

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