Advanced User Window? and Native GRBL features?

The simplicity of CM definitely made it easier to learn how to use mY SO3 when I purchased it a few years ago, but now that I am an experienced (relative to three years ago), I would like to see an “advanced user” screen so that all the commands are on the same screen and I don’t have to keep switching back and forth.

Perhaps an option box in the settings screen to enable an advanced user screen?

Can we get G92 functionality of GRBL turned on in CM?
I have a JTech Photonics engraver and like to use the G92 command to offset my WCS when I am doing carving and laser engraving on the same piece. That way I don’t lose my zero when I shift back and forth between my router and laser.

Finally, I know it has been asked before, and I would also like to see CM be able to use G54-G59 workspaces.


FWIW you can get these features and more today by switching to a different G-Code sender like UGS or cncjs.

I think this is the main reason there aren’t such features in CM already.



Thanks. I have tried using them but they have limitations. UGS doesn’t support tool changes (M6 coommand) and CNCjs can’t handle large file sizes (> about 5 MB), which is a problem for me. So for right now, I have to decide what G Code sender I am going to use depending on what my project is, and that is annoying, so it would be nice if a single G Code Sender could support all my needs.

Ideally a single GCode sender that can handle large files, support work offsets (G92) and handle tool changes (M6 commands) would be best. If CM could add G92 support, I can deal with switching between screens to jog or load/run files, but having everything on one screen would be the icing on the cake.


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