Advanced v carve and tool change how to?

Trying the advanced v carve option for the first time to try some inlay. I roughed out the letters with a 1/4” endmill and need to change to my v bit. How do i set it to the same zero or reset my zero between tools? Doing inlay I’m gonna need it to be as exact as possible.
Thanks for the help.

if you have a bitsetter, great that is the perfect answer.

if you don’t, with you can split the gcode in per-tool files…

but bitsetters are GREAT and now on sale for the black friday sale.


Thanks Fenrus, after I choose a file what do I need to do? Do you have a tutorial or quick vid I could watch? Have never done this before. Greatly appreciate the assistance.

the tool lets you split the 1 gcode into per tool files (which you download each)

you can then just cut each file separate like you would normally do, including zeroing the bit like you would normally do.

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