Advanced V Carve Feature Request

Would like the ability to work with the clearing and V bit tool path separately. Sometimes I run the v bit tool path multiple times.

Also, when I have different areas of a certain project, I like to keep all the tool paths separate. Right now when I do that, there is a lot of tool changes since it does each Advanced V Carve tool path in order. Would like to run all the clearing tool paths for multiple Advanced V Carves and then run all the v bit tool paths.


Another Feature that would be AMAZING:
Advanced V Carve with Multiple Clearance tools.
IE: V-Carve with a 60° v-bit
Then Clear with a .25" EM
And Clear with a .125" EM

A user on the forum, I think Fenrus, has a website that will separate advanced vcarving for people that do not have a BitSetter. You would need the gcode and v7 that can be done with the Pro and maybe in CM. You could save in v7 as a v6 file and make the gcode with v6. Then you could run the end mill as many times as you want and then run the vcarve as many times as you want.

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Whilst discussing feature requests, it would be awesome to have an inlay facility, rather than have to hack it using the “lie about the Z height” method.

I’m not sure it’s a hack or lie. I just don’t think it’s being explained in a way that everyone understands. I have watched many YT videos and read many threads and it’s never the same. Some just say, trust me and others just say, I don’t know why it works but it works. I will try to explain how I understand it in a separate post. I’m sure not everyone will understand my way of thinking about it but it may help some.

There are many good explanations and I understand clearly how it works. It’s just a bit hacky so I’m suggesting a quality of life improvement as it’s such a common thing to do with a Carbide3D machine.

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