Advanced V carve help please

When running advanced v carve it will run through pocketing portion of carve all is well. But when that is finished it just stops does not ask for tool change or nothing. If I stop it and change tool it starts all over.I think there is a way to tell machine what G code to start on . But I dont know how to do that. Thank You !!

Which Postprocessor are you using in CC?

CM does not have a “start in the middle” capability. You would have to edit the G-Code.

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Like Tod says this is very likely a case of your not having the right postprocessor selected under Edit/select post processor. It should be Carbide3d shapeoko3, not basic G code nor GRBL

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I will check that and get back to you guys THANKS !! …Thanks

You guys were correct It was set on basic G code. I changed it . I will try it and get back to you … Thank you both very much…!!!

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Sorry I have not gotten back sooner I was out of town all week for work. I did get out to shop and tried out new settings . you guys recomended . And they worked beyond my expectations . A great big THANK YOU! to Tod1 d and Julien Here is pic of what I carved Thanks Again