Advanced V Carve Inlay

Hey y’all, attempted my first V Carve Inlay and think it came out pretty sweet!!! Big shout out to @fenrus for the awesome info he posted here: Using "Advanced VCarve" in Carbide Create 461 to make Inlays

Also @rekluse for the post: How to do vcarve inlays

Chris Powell has a great video on this as well.


that came out really really nice

Welcome to the community, John. Looks super clean! How did you choose your point of origin, they both look like they are very evenly spaced left-to-right?

Thanks Brian, what’s not shown, was the board it was cut out of. The walnut pocket carve was also a cut out on a bit bigger board. Make sense? It was centered up in Carbide3d. I don’t think I have pictures of that, but here’s a screen shot of the project in Carbide.

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Very nice! What bit did you use for the V carve?

30 degree angle x 1/4" carbide bits engraving and scoring tool - 2002-2500.030A1

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Oh ok. That makes sense given that the alignment is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Well not everyone’s first inlay looks as good as this, mine certainly did not :slight_smile:
Everytime I see those maple+walnut inlays I get jealous that you guys in the US have easy access to wood with both constrasting colors and tight train.
Over here what I can get is oak, beech, ash (pine is “meh” for carving), and they have similar colors. I have to resort to buying olive wood for contrast, which is expensive and not easy to find.
That must be why I unconsciously migrated to doing more and more epoxy inlays :slight_smile:

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