Advanced V-Carve issue

I used the advanced vcarve enabled pocket tool with a 1/4 inch and 60 degree bit. After the first pass with the 1/4 bit the program paused and only raised up just above the wood. There was not enough space for me to change the bit. What did I do wrong?

Do you have a BitSetter? If you don’t, you cannot use the advanced vcarve toolpath generated by CC. Well actually you can, but it requires splitting the Gcode file in two files (one per tool and you will need to reset Z zero between the two), @fenrus came up with a cool online tool to do this:

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My issue is that the router didn’t raise up high enough for me to change the bit once the first cut was complete.

I understand that, but what you saw is because Carbide Motion encountered a tool change command, and if no BitSetter is present, it cannot deal with it and just sits there.
Advanced V Carve is only compatible (out of the box) with machines equiped with a BitSetter. That online code splitting tool I mentioned is a way around that constraint.

I’m not sure that is totally correct. I just watched a video from Chris Powell, who does not use a bit setter, and his router raised all the way up and he changed the bit. He uses collars to set his zero. Kind of confusing.

He must have a trick up his sleeve then (a little Gcode editing maybe?), or maybe the latest versions of CC do not behave the way they used to, anyway someone else may have a better answer for you.

Sucks if I really do need a bit setter. Never in stock and something that should not be required. Thank you.

You don’t, you just need to split the file and run the two resulting files in sequence, with rezeroing Z in between (or using collets like ChrisP)

No clue how to do that. Sounds very complicated.

If you follow the link I mentioned above (@fenrus tool) it is literally a single mouse click

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