Advanced v carve issue

I am tryin to do advanced v carve using 1/8 end mill and 60deg V bit. Everything seems okay but the gcode carbide create generated never prompts the machine to stop to change to the 60deg v bit. Any help?

double-check you have the “Shapeoko” post-processor selected in Carbide Create (under Edit / Select Post Processor) ?

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I just talked to someone on the phone. I really really appreciate y’all’s quick and knowledgeable response!

He the same issues it was the post processor didn’t have xxl picked

If using advanced vcarve and the first bit (end mill) is not prompted it is usually the area is too small for the bit to cut a flat bottom. In this case sounds like the post processor. Since your case is the end mill is called for your area is most likely not too small but you have to have a BitSetter for advanced vcarve to work properly. If you dont have a BitSetter there is a post on the forum on an online application that will split your gcode into two tool paths so you can still use advanced vcarve. Sorry I dont have the link but I have a BitSetter.

Check your post processor and look for the online application if you dont have a BitSetter.