Advanced V Carve only saving one tool path

Advanced v carve is only saving the second tool path. I have the enable pocket box checked and a tool selected but it is not creating a G code for that path. I have updated to the current versions of create and motion. I do have a bitsetter and I have checked the post processer. When I just highlight the tool path under the tool path tab it shows only the second tool path. Also in carbide motion it only shows the operation has one tool.

Please post the file and we’ll do our best to look into this with you. (65.1 KB)

I see a T102 and a T302.

When I try to run the program Carbide Motion wants me to load the second tool. What am I missing?

thats odd
when I feed it to it offers 2 separate files (one per tool), and inspsecting the gcode also shows real gcode for each tool

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The 2 pictures show projects created in Carbide Create. One in an earlies version which shows multiple tools. The other was created in the latest version of Carbide Create and loaded into Carbide Motion build 521. It has 2 tools but the program shows only one and it wants me to load the second tool in the project. Any ideas?

I tried loading the file you attached above, in CM 521, and it works as expected here:

but also has a different cut time and units. Any chance you might have two files with the same name and used one in CM but uploaded the other here ?


Hi Thomas, I think I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried it a couple of times now but I haven’t yet documented it for this forum. I’m using CC 514 and CM 521. Did you ever get a successful resolution for this?

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