Advanced V Carve - some help needed

My Shapeoko 3 took just just one week to reach a remote corner of Tasmania from the time I placed the order, which must be something of a record!

I’m exploring the Advanced V Carve capabilities of Carbide Create/Motion and encountering some difficulties. Can anyone assist? Documentation seems a bit thin on the ground.

I have attempted to use the advanced V cut feature on Carbide Create, as shown in the YouTube clip – “Carbide Create Gets a New Toolpath: Advanced Vcarve.” This is about all I can find on this capability. The first cut, which uses a 0.125” end mill to rough out the design, works fine. Then, when it pauses, I change to a 60 degree V cut blade (as in the video), and attempt to jog the machine to ensure that the Z axis is properly rezeroed for the new cutter to create a uniform base for the design. Once I move into the jog window, none of the commands appear to work and I am unable to proceed beyond this point. Nor can I resume cutting. All I can do is abort the operation. I am zeroing manually, unlike in the video, but otherwise (as far as I can see) doing exactly the same as in the video. Can anyone tell me what I am missing here?

Thanks folks!

you’re going to either need a bitsetter to automatically zero for you, or you need to split the gcode file into two.

splitting the file is not all THAT complicated, but needs a text editor (or an online tool that I want to write but haven’t done yet)… if that’s the path you want to go down I or others can quickly explain what to do there.


The video indicated that pocketing + v-carve requires bitsetter only.

No manual setting of Z after bit change and CC won’t split the job into 2 paths…

ok bit the bullet and built the app

at you can load your “advanced v-carve” gcode, and it will split it into smaller files, one per tool, that you can then just carve one at a time. This allows you to zero the new bit using whatever method you normally use…

(the app runs inside your browser, nothing is uploaded to any server)


Thanks a lot for that - I’m having some other Shapeoko issues but will use your app just as soon as these are resolved.

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