Advanced V-carve Tool Change

This may be a newby question. I was trying to use the Advanced Vcarve tool path in CC 460. I enabled area pocket tool and chose a 1/8" end mill and a 60 deg Vee tool. Exported the G-Code and loaded it into Carbide Motion. It said the first tool would be the 1/8" end mill so I loaded it and zeroed the tool. I ran it and it cut as expeced and then paused for the tool change. After the tool change it never gave me a chance to re-zero the new tool.
So how do I set the zero for the second tool?
Does this feature require the bit setter, or is there some other to set zero other than measure the tool length sticking out of the router and trying to match?

I’m afraid this feature requires the BitSetter.

Some folks have been successful using depth ring collars or other methods for ensuring consistent endmill stickout, but the BitSetter makes this far easier and far more reliable.

If you’re comfortable doing so, you can split the two toolpaths from the one gcode file manually into another text file and then rename it with “.nc” at the end. Just find the tool change notes for where to split.

Then run the separate toolpaths, rezeroing tool length in-between.

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When you combine two different tools without the bit setter you need to separate the tools into separate tool paths. This allows you to rezero for the second tool. I have the bit setter and love it. The bit setter requires a certain minimum level of Carbide Motion to work properly.

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