Advanced V 'cut pockets first'

I haven’t tried this feature yet, but I’d imagine it does just as it says… If I uncheck this the the V bit would run first before the pocket bit runs?

If so, this is a great feature… using this you can use the V bit now as a pocket :heart_eyes:
…sort of

Where traditional V carve may not work, or be desired, instead of having to create many vectors by hand and position them correctly, to rout out a corner for example, use the boolean to get your corner selected. Now uncheck the ‘cut pockets first’. After that V bit runs, you are done…no need to run the pocket bit because this is a pocket you already made… you are just trying to rout out the corner. Even though you will not run the main pocket bit, choosing different size pocket bits will give you different size areas that the Vbit will carve…Seems like it would work anyway…