Advanced vcarve beginner question

I was cutting a project just a text file sign. I wanted to try the advanced v carve to get a flat bottom and sloped edges. The cut and everything worked great. My issue was after the 1/8" square bit finished the rough cut or bottom cuts. I was unable to change the bits as it didn’t retract the z-axis high enough to get off the dust boot. I tried to manually raise the z-axis using the jog function but doing that locked up carbide motion and I had to reload the program. So i re ran the entire cut using my 90 degree bit as the bottom was already cut and when it cam time to change bits I just hit resume. I feel like this is not correct and maybe I missed something.

Shapeoko XXL


in Carbide Create, which post processor did you select? (the “Edit” menu has an option for this)
Also do you have a bitsetter?


I believe it was the Shapoko3 XXL. I don’t have a bit setter I use a touch probe. I will double check tonight the processor.

you might need to use to split the combined gcode file into a per-tool file if you don’t have a bitsetter…


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