Advanced vcarve pocket never asked for pocket cutter

I set up a A-Vcarve toolpath with pocketing, 1/8" pocketing tool, 60 degree vbit, and it never asked for the pocketing bit. I ran it on a test piece and it just pocketed everything with the v cutter. I have a bitsetter and am using the post processor WITH homing switches.

Any ideas why this might happen?

Could you post the .nc file for a double-check ?

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When I have had t his happen it was because the pocket was smaller than the cutter. It is like if you want .125 inch holes drilled and you choose the .250 inch cutter they are not cut because the hole is smaller than the cutter.

I have noticed that even though the pocketing bit is not asked for the carving depth is still limited to what you set.


It is a small pocket. With pocketing not enabled, it doesn’t well, pocket. The result seems fine, I was just curious as to why it’s doing that. (154.7 KB)

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@gdon_2003 was on the money, the g-code has a single tool change (the Vbit one), and that must be because the features being carved are narrower than 1/8" (at the specified depth, considering a 30° slope), so there is no possible pocketing/clearing to do, and I guess CC just skips it then.

At its widest area the cut seems to be about ~3.5mm wide, which leaves no room for a 3.175mm to go in there and do some clearing pass.

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Cool. Thanks.I appreciate the feedback.