Advice for externally mounting controller enclosure

Hi All,
I’m considering locating the controller board and enclosure on the external of the CNC enclosure.
I think there was a discussion, or two, about doing this. IIRC, there was some mention of cooling using a heat sink attached to the crontroller enclosure, and also proper electrical grounding. I have tried searching this forum for recommendations, but none of the terms I used lead me to anything relevant. Thanks!

The big plate the controller is mounted to is in turn screwed to the Y rail, and uses that as an additional heat sink (sort of…it’s not super effective). A little fan on the controller wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s not such a great idea when it’s attached to the machine because it draws in so much dust, but if mounted externally, should be fine.

Thanks for the advice about mounting and thermal issues.
What about additional electrical grounding?

The board isn’t actually in contact with the heat sync. When I swapped mine over I was told not to use thermal paste.

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Add a ground between the chassis and the board isn’t going to hurt. Not sure what you’re looking for here to be clarified.

Thanks. So I just move the controller enclosure to the exterior. I wasnt sure if the electronics we’re also grounded to the metal Y rail for some technical reason.

They need to be grounded to the motors, but the cables take care of that.

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That makes sense. I wasn’t sure how they went about grounding.

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