Advice for setting up dedicated PC for my Nomad

Hey All,
I know this is kinda off topic for this forum, but I have not owned a Windows PC since I started grad school back in 2002, and I could use a bit of advice.

I purchased an RCA Cambio to act as a dedicated controller for my Nomad. I know very little about Windows, though I’m confident I can handle the basics.

Are there any steps I should take to remove software, bloatware, addware, spyware, and whatever-else-ware on this thing?

I am planning to only ever run Carbide Motion, and maybe Dropbox, to get files to it. I might also try to see if Tailmaker will work, but that’s not a priority.

Any advice is welcome.

The big things are:

  • set the machine to not go to sleep
  • set the machine to not auto-update / reboot — in Windows 10 the best way to do that is to identify your network connection as metered.