Advice Machining a Difficult Part

This is a cluster body for a chandelier that I’m making…

My current plan is to… two side machine the part and hope that my bit gets enough contact with the bottom side of one of the holes that I can later rest my drill bit on what I know is “good hole” to steer the rest of my drill bit in? (good hole is reflected by the stripes in the simulation below)

I’ve linked the fusion file. Other ideas assuming that doesn’t work?

If you got a 3d printer you could print another slightly larger dome to slip over the machined one and use as drill guide.


Interesting, that should be the next community challenge :slight_smile:

Maybe make two of those chandeliers. Carve two of those half-spheres, temporarily
glue them up to get a full sphere, then mill a jig with half-sphere-shaped pocket, and figure out how to index the ball at the various angles required, to drill one hole at a time vertically (on the CNC or drill press). But the 3D-printed jig sounds much more efficient !

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My inclination would be to sacrifice a larger/thicker block of material and a large sheet of material thick enough to use for fixtures and would machine a series of rotated hemispheres projecting from a cylindrical portion with an ever increasing number of indentations which line up with the holes which the previous operations had machined, then face off the excess material in a final operation.

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