Advice re using a Linux laptop with Carbide Motion/UGS

Just went to fire up my S3 and found my Windows laptop has been corrupted and lost Windows. I dont have the original Win7 disk and have managed to get a copy to tide me over until lockdown ends and allows me to get to another (modern) laptop 180 kms away in Auckland.

Unfortunately this laptop is an old Pentium and the copy of WIN7 does not have drivers for the laptop configuration and hangs mid install. It gives me a message to say driver not available for the hardware and to load the drivers…but no indication of which driver(s).

I can load Linux Mint and wonder if I could use something like UGS to load the Gcode? I have an other PC running Win10 and Carbide Create but its an 18" HP and used for other tasks by my wife so its not practical to take it to my workshop and use it with Carbide Motion.

Any guidance gratefully received.


Yes, you can use pretty much any communication / control program in Linux. UGS was the original default for the SO2 and was documented at:

(though that’s probably out-dated now). The Grbl folks have a nice list: which is probably more up-to-date.

Some folks have managed to get CM and CC running using WINE, but that’s not a supported configuration.

A further consideration is that Windows 7 support was ended 14 January when it went E.O.L.

Thanks Will,

I know Windows 7 is now EOL but to be honest Id rather risk that than some of the half ar$ed updated Ms has released for WIN10.

Ill have a look at the two links you provided…hopefully one more week and we can move to L2. Only 3 new coronovirus cases last report.