Advise for Sanding V Carving

I have been using some Dremel Sanding disks to touch V-Carving on the top of some boxes. The Dremel disks are expensive and do not last very long. By the third 3x5 box lid the bristles on the sanding wheels were coming off. The grit was 120.

What are others using for touch up sanding on v-carving on wood. I saw many types of sanding mops and bristled wheels and disks on Amazon but not sure what would be best.

I have several Dremel and Dremel clone rotary tools, I also have the Dremel Oscillating tool I use to separate projects that did not cut all the way through as well as the triangular sanding head. I also use some sanding sticks that are spring loaded and use small belts in various grits but they do not fit into the v-carving well and are mainly used to clean up pockets and edges of boxes.


Sanding sponges usually clean things up for me if it’s a lot, otherwise I use some 000 steel wool by hand. Doesn’t take long, really cheap, and never “gets away from me” and gouges anything up.


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