Advise on Busy Images

I need some advise on busy SVG images. The example below was a request from a friend to make a trinket box that is 3x5 inches. I found the Sheriff badge for Harrison County to put on the box top. The image is too busy and carved poorly. My question is what is the best way to simplify an image to make to more carvable on the Shapeoko. I got a jpg image and converted it to SVG in inkscape. I could bring the svg image in and enlarge it but it would be time consuming to go in and erase individual elements to make it a simpler image.

This is the original jpg image.


You want a good quality vector with accurate geometry and no unnecessary overlaps.




Thanks. I also need to pick a different font and kern it. Unfortunately this person has a long name or I will have to make a bigger box.

I will investigate your post.

Unfortunately, Carbide Create doesn’t have controls or options for spacing or kerning text.

For projects which involve names I prefer to either use a typeface superfamily such as Univers which has a number of width options, or a multiple master font with a width axis, or do it on a Mac where one can use an Apple Advanced Typography font with a width axis.

You could also use a “single line font” like the CamBam Stick fonts and then just use an end mill of appropriate width for the size of the text. In Inkscape, you can change the line width so you can see the font cut with different cutter widths.


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