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I have no experience with cnc machines, a little with laser engraving. A friend has purchased a used Shapeoko 3 cnc and wanted me to help set it up and possibly show him how to use it. I do not know if he received any software with the machine so I have been searching the internet trying to determine which versions of Carbide Create and Motion to install on his Windows PC. I’ve located Motion V3 but I’m totally confused as too which version of Create, and where to download it from.
I do not know if any upgrades have been made to the unit, or firmware version it has. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

You can download the latest versions from Carbide on the web site.

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Thank you Michael, I’ve gone on the Carbide website, and they only had the current versions Create V7 and Motion V6. I read some articles in this forum and they seem to indicate I need older versions of the software due to limitations of this model.

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I am sure you will get a response directing you where to find them. The wayback machine has a memory.

Good luck

If you have to use an older version of Carbide Motion, then you will not be able to use the V7 Carbide Create - you need Version 6 (or earlier).

I have Create from 514 and Motion from 368

Find out which grbl version the controller board has, if it runs grbl 0.9 use CM3, otherwise CM4 and newer should work.

Carbide has a firmware updater at that should get the controller board up to the latest version.

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While it’s possible to get older versions running/configured, it’s a lot easier to run current versions, and they are far more capable.

Please send a photo of your unit and let us know the specifics of the situation at and we will work through this with you.

Thank you everyone for providing assistance. I’ve contacted my friend and he did get copies of Carbide Create and Motion, however he didn’t provide what versions they are. He lives about 46 mins away and I plan on going to his house this weekend to see exactly what he has, I assume it’s original software that came with the unit.

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