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Hello there.

I have the latest Affinity Designer app and the latest Carbide Create and I STILL cannot get SVG files to come in properly sized. Some cases will not come in at all. Does anyone have any solutions for this? (Besides use Adobe Illustrator)

Thank you for any help.

Inkscape is free and it appears that it provides a good accuracy. maybe import your file into Inkscape, check size and re-save the SVG then import into Carbon Create.

Hi Dallas,

I’ve had some issues with SVG’s (not with Carbide Create - but other CAM software), and after a bit of searching I found this:

Just go to that web based CAM program, open up your SVG, then save it - and it magically works! At least it did for me. I found the trick via youtube - and I don’t know or understand the mechanics of it, but it is able to transform the SVG into something useable.

Hope this can work for you.


I use Illustrator Adobe I don’t have problems with SVG files .

Thank you. Will give it a try.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

As stated, (Besides use Adobe Illustrator)

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If you know , sorry , I read but I confirm . The other software they’re weird , to me.

It’s an issue. I’ve groussed about it to Affinity, no traction although one “moderator” said it had been noted. I’ve also posted to Carbide, no response for those who code although someone “in the know” suggested this was a Carbide issue versus Affinity. Why don’t you also post this as an issue directly to the makers.

Here’s what I do; although I’m on a Mac, this may not work for you. I do all the design in Affinity Designer. I then cut-and-past into Graphic. This is an inexpensive Mac app that I also rely on for drawings with dimensioning, not yet a feature of Designer. Then I create the SVG’s with Graphic, the scale is as it should be.

As others mentioned, I think you can do this with Inkscape too. However, and I forget the specific reasons, I found this, after testing, inferior to Graphic for this purpose.

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