Affinity Products Half Price

Affinity Designer is a great product for making text on path and processing and producing SVG images. Affinity has Photo, Designer and Publisher app that all work together and with them on sale for $26.99 if you wanted a robust svg editor the time is now. I use the Designer a lot and the price is a mere fraction of Adobe products that do the same thing. I have not used Photo much but it also rivals Photoshop with no monthly subscription fee and no cloud bs. You can buy only Designer for SVG if you have no interest in the other modules. There are thousands of tutorials on youtube and their own site.

The Serif company is EU based so they sell in Euros and other currencies I just had the US site so if you are not in the US a quick search will find your market.

I dont work for Serif/Affinity just a user wanting to pass along a bargain that is very useful for our CNC hobby.


Thanks for posting this. I had looked at it before but been on the fence. This looks way easier than using the free Inkscape for some of the work I have done in the past. Inkscape is great but the user interface looks easier to use on this. Can’t wait to give it a try.

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I’m an old Inkscape user and have never looked back (except for image tracing) since getting this suite of tools. They are definitely worth the money.

The EU thing is not exactly accurate but I’m sure they’ll take your dollars anyhow.

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I thought Serif was in Europe and they are. Not in the EU proper but Nottingham UK is where thier hq is. So £ € ¥ $ likely all accepted.

They took my Canadian Tire money without any issue. I mean Canadian dollars. :grinning:

I have used all three for years, Great value well worth money. And updates have always been free.

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Thanks I just purchase all the software products!

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