Affinity Software 2.0 Available

I have Affinity Suite 1.x and have liked it. I got an email announcing 2.0 is available. Looks like you can continue to use 1.x but you have to upgrade to 2.x by paying. They have a deal for $99.00 for all 3 parts of their suite, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. Personally I have not used the publisher but have used the Designer and Photo. They make an excellent product that is competitive with Adobe and a fraction of the price. Here is a link to their description and sale price. There are a ton of tutorial videos on youtube for Affinity so learning is easy and you can escape the monthly cost of Adobe.


As a landscape photographer for my “actual” job I’ve been using the Affinity suite for many years now. The amount of updates and features they made in all the V1.X revisions was astonishing. Compared to photoshop, affinity is a killer deal.

I mostly use Photo for my more complex photographs, and publisher for print layouts. Designer is my least used but I occasionally use it for drawing/modifiying vectors for cutting on the shapeoko.

I will most likely be getting the update as I feel the purshase of V1 was easily the best software investment I’ve ever made. And that is even knowing I barely scratch the surface of what all 3 of the programs can do.

I can, without hesitation, recomend it to any who needs this kind of software.

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The vector warp tool in Designer looks awesome for making custom SVGs.

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Went ahead and licensed these — one notable new feature is DXF import (not seeing an export option, asked after it on their forums).

Note that to import things w/ accurate dimensions:

you need to export to an SVG at 96 ppi:


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