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Some time back someone on the forum put a post that Affinity Designer was half price. I bought Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher and like them. Affinity Designer can create svg files and is a very robust graphics program. They are cuttently having another half price sale. Affinity has a ton of tutorials on youtube and other sites that make learning their software easy. So I thought I would post the link if you are interested. The sale price is $25.00 US. Affinity is a UK based company so for the European customers you could check if you can buy with Pounds/Euros.

I have received a couple updates for free since I have had Affinity. I certainly have not mastered the software but it is very powerful and is as good as Adobe products for a fraction of the cost.


A timely post!

I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails that this half-price sale will be coming to an end in the near future.

Do you think it’s easier and more powerful than inkscape is to learn and use?

$25.00 is worth it to me if it’s an easier to use program.

What are your thoughts on the program as I have zero xp with any Adobe design products?

I use to be ok with GIMP but I haven’t done in depth graphic design work in years. I’ll have to dig around to find some of my old work to showcase.

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It’s nicer than Inkscape, and since modeled on Freehand, easier to use than Adobe Illustrator.

I like Affinity because you can design text on curves and for the price that is mainly what I use it for. The interface has a lot of buttons and tools but actually are quite simply grouped. The amount of tutorials on youtube is amazing. Inkscape is free and is pretty capable but I like Affinity better. The problem with Adobe products are they are so expensive and is almost exclusively a subscription model. You dont own the Adobe software you just rent it. The Affinity you download and install locally and you can use it forever. Over time it may become outdated if you dont update but I have gotten updated for free from 1.7 to 1.8 and then to 1.9. For me it is a no brainer, cheap and good.


Just took advantage of this sale, I’m curious to try it out. I use Inkscape currently.

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I used inkscape exclusively, but took advantage of the previous AD sale.

I still use inkscape on occasion but AD is pretty much my go to design tool now. It’s really good and should make perfect sense to any Inkscape user. At that price it’s a bargain.


Hmm… This seems interesting. I’ve been meaning to look into Inkscape, but just haven’t allocated time to learn. I took the dive and purchased Affinity Designer at the sale price. Thanks for the heads up, @gdon_2003. Now to go down the rabbit hole of tutorials on YouTube.

For our purposes text on a path is very helpful. You can kern the text and is very versatile.

The Affinity suite is a pro level app at amaeuter prices. I bought all 3 products and publisher can use photo and designer in its interface without having to open them separately.

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Jumped on the bandwagon! Let’s make some cool stuff… Should pair well with my JTech laser too :rotating_light:

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If anyone missed the deadline for the Affinity Designer 50% off sale it can still be purchased at a discount. I contacted them after the sale and was offered a 20% discount but when they sent a link for check out they gave me the 50% price.


I too jumped down the rabbit hole.

Zero experience with this sort of app. Quick perusal of YouTube offerings pretty disjointed. Leaning toward Udemy courses. What are you all finding for training?


Hi Griff. Don’t start with Udemy. There are 74 tutorial videos from Affinity for Designer. All short and all highly informative. They can sell you a hardback workbook too. Start with Affinity’s own materials and you will automatically be using the software in the most effective manner. It is logical to use and work progresses in easy steps.

If you have picked up the image editor (Affinity Photo), the tutorials comprise 112 video tutorials also short and very helpful.


Thanks for bringing this software to my attention. I missed the sale but through an email I got 20% off and it was worth every penny!

It’s quite a bit easier than inkscape and for sure more powerful. I can do SVG for CnC work and it’s 10x easier to make complex shapes in then CC is. Getting the Boolean tool in carbide to work how I wanted had me beating my head against a wall a few times and this removes having to use CC for anything not basic.

Plus it’s great for T-shirt design so instead of buying name brand graphic T’s I can design my own and rock shirts no one else can get their hands on.

Thanks again Sir.


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