After Grounding and newly wired outlet machine still disconnects

Same problem, Machine runs through a job then will disconnect half way through.
What I did…

First Grounded Machine at the suggestion of tech support. Grounded everything that I could measure and even ran a ground wire for the router. The ground wires all connect to a central bar and then ran to a rod drove into the ground. (Had a solar system installed and attached the ground wire to that)
Then tested the machine using a different outlet that is separate from the garage and then that seemed to work. So ran new wire and created a new circuit just for the shop and one just for the shapeoko. Then installed ferrite chokes to just about if not all wires on the machine, probably over kill.
Ran a simple engraving job the first side went without problems, so I thought problem solved. Ran the back side< (I’m making name tags for luggage) and half way through the machine disconnects.
It sure would be awesome if I could run a job that’s more than 1 to 2 minutes without a disconnect. I can only imagine what would happen if I was running half way through a large job over many hours to suffer this again.
Any Help or thoughts?


Static electricity is a killer. What is your environment, I mean what is your relative humidity average where the machine is. Since you ran ground wires everywhere did you actually check the continuity from the ground wire to your actual ground rod. The ground wire is connected to a copper rod where the service enters your structure. Over time that clamp on the rod can become corroded or loose. Since you ran a new circuit did you connect your ground wire to the ground bus and the neutral to the neutral bus. This is important to keep from getting ground loops in your electrical system. You indicated you ran a ground rod into the ground for a solar system but the ground for your plugs should be grounded to the service entrance. Now ground is ground but having two different grounds can cause problems. Still check that your ground rod connection is good and tight and not corroded.

I just posted this in the uncategorized section about grounding dust collection systems on youtube.


Are you using anti static hose? Sometimes called anti nuisance hose. Is it also grounded?

All of my disconnects have been from static build up in my dust collection hose. I also recently bought a humidifier and humidity sensor and keep my shed above 40% RH to reduce static.

It’s worse in the winter since raising the temperature lowers the RH. Low RH allows for higher static charges to build up.

I will check the grounding connection, I used the one that is attached to the electrical box which is where the guys who installed the system hooked up the ground. At this point I wasn’t using the dust collection as I was just using a drag bit. The next time I run something I’ll attach the ground from the bitZero to the spindle to see if that helps and I’ll double check my wires and connections.
I’m still a little fuzzy on ground loops a wire diagram wouldn’t help cause I wouldn’t know how to read it.
As far as the electrical wiring is concerned my dad helped me install the new outlets and we did install all wires correctly. I’ll watch the video and tinker with it in the next few days. I’ll be working but have most of the week off next week to troubleshoot.
as for humidity, I’m in southern Cali and though its been a little dry the dryer was running and the humidity was high in the garage.
Thanks for the input, I was just venting out of frustration. Hopefully I’ll get some expert advice from a friend of mine who started me on this journey if I could bribe him to come over and led a hand.
Hopefully he will get a kick out of the job I’ve done.
Oh yes my hose is antistatic and grounded as well.

Crazy idea, but what happens if you run the job without the dust collection on? (and without the dryer running :smiley: )


Please write in to

If you try an “air job” first and send in the results of trying that successfully we can cut to the chase.

I ran a separate ground rod just outside my machine. I have three rods just for the incoming service. Another one for the dust collector. Finally one for my machine. A little anal…

Don’t overlook a marginal USB cable. In fact as a test even use a different computer. The laptop I use has 3 USB ports and 2 of them suck, I have to wiggle the wire to get a connection. Luckily I have one ‘golden’ port and have started using a USB hub so If it gets bad I can just replace the hub.


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