After "Hello World"

Once one has done “Hello World”: Shapeoko 3 - Hello World - Carbide 3D

One of the last steps in assembling a machine is the build plate.

Since we now have engraving tools:

engraving seems the obvious solution to the problem of a neat and professional labeling.

Three options present themselves for working up the design:

For this we will do the latter — the build plate measures ~ 4" wide x 2" tall and is 0.0036" thick:

(except min. thickness is 0.005")

Next, we measure and draw in the necessary features:

Shift-click on the outer geometry to make it the key object (dashed highlight):

Align Vectors:

align side–side:

Measure the distance from the bottom of the plate to the bottom of the space for engraving:


and set to 0.75"

Set text:

and position:

Fiddle w/ positioning as necessary.

Then set text:

and apply an appropriate toolpath:

(after adjusting stock thickness a bit)

For workholding, change the outer geometry to have dogbones and cut as a pocket:

then cut that into a spare piece of MDF, tape the piece in place and then engrave.

Positioning was a bit off — will need to check this — but workable:

and looks good: