After zero I run the g code and it cuts above the project

Me again with another issue. after I zero and run the program it running well above the wood. Anyone see some glaring issues that I’m overlooking?

I did have a recent issue with the xyz amd LightBurn but got some help here.

I zero with the paper zero all and run it and it’s still well above the project

Hey Jeff,

When you’re zero’ing with the paper, which surface are you zero’ing on?

Could you also upload a picture of your Job Setup screen? It’s the gear icon under File, here’s a pic of what I’m referring to:


Brian thanks for the reply

my zero is set to bottom (I was zeroing the top of the wood) this is/ was my problem. Thanks for the help!!



Oh good! It’s always nice when it turns out to be something easily fixable.


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