Air compressor VESC BLDC conversion

Came across this post from @berg_prototyping on Instagram this morning. He converted a 230v air compressor to 48v fully programmable use for a hookah dive pump using a VESC and Arduino.

The motor he used is a 2.7kw SK3 6364.

Thoughts - something like this could be designed to be used for a custom, efficient air compressor for cnc use. Maybe a water cooled motor and tap into a spindle coolant line for those that have that.

Essentially you could hav e a diy version of a professional grade air brush compressor if the right pump head(s) is sourced or made.

The Orive could also be a good candidate for this one and I’ve seen single motor boards decently cheap. Rabbit hole…a dual purpose vacuum and compressor. Imagine being able to choose between airblast or vacuum table with the same equipment.

One can dream


What combinations of flow & pressure are useful for CNC work?

I can see low flow high pressure for auto tool changers, spindle brakes etc. on big machines but for misters and chip evacuation isn’t the pressure in normal air compressors wasted work?

I ask because if looking for the air pump head, figuring out what flow / pressure curve you want is quite important.


You definitely have a point. Imo high pressure is more useful, you can store more energy. As for misters, I’ve used a $20 Amazon mister and a $750 Trico Microdrop and let me tell you, huge difference in air consumption needs. MQL is the truth.

I think having a tank and using gcode to turn on things at certain times (A3 pin style) could be useful. Set the rpm low and quiet, pressure switch on/off.


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