Air Force Retirement Shadowbox

Not my original design, but they really wanted it so I put my own flavor on it and modeled and did all the toolpaths in Fusion360. Made out of Cherry and Walnut.

Pulled a late night cutting everything, I have a ton of sanding left and mounting the box underneath.

I’ll post a final picture and post the cut files/fusion360 model for this. Not my favorite thing to make, but it’s feeding my tool addiction.


I really like that design. The weight of each piece gives it a solid presence, and making it out of smaller pieces rather than one large chunk of wood makes it seem like an assembly rather than a frame. I look forward to the final build.

I really like this design. I actually had a good friend who is retiring from the Air Force this year and contacted me last week wanting me to make a shadow box but was not sure what he wanted. I may go this route!

Almost finished with this thing.

Figured I’d post the files. Use at your own risk :slight_smile:

Again…not an original design, just made it better
Airforce (1.4 MB)


Thanks Maurice,
I’m traveling the next week, but when I get home I’ll start planning and cutting. Please show us your finished product !

Final product and out the door. Took me a half of the day to get the flag folded right.

Probably will not do another one.


Looks amazing AF!
Pretty sure I knew a Delatorre when I was in Germany at Combat Comm, maybe? I could be wrong. Hope they love their shadowbox.

That really came out great ! He’s going to love that. Thanks for the DXF file. I’ve been dabbling with it some. Your original file have made me decide to learn Fusion 360 now :slight_smile:

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I really like how this turned out. The varying heights remind me of an intarsia piece. Well done!