Align a single object to stock

I’m hoping this hasn’t been listed before - i can’t see it.

I’ve just started using Carbide create and working my way through the tutorial videos. I’ve started doing some designs and one feature I’ve looked for multiple times already is the ability to align a single object to the stock.

As far as I can tell the “Alignment Tools” option only becomes available when two or more objects are selected. But if I want to align just a single object to the stock that option is not visible. There is a work around - you draw a second object, align both to the stock then delete the second object - it’s just more time.

So is it possible to have the “Alignment Tools” available at all times please?

I was just playing with this and found, once opened, alignment tools can be used on single items.

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Hey Steve - sounds promising but what do you mean by “once opened” sorry?

I have the same problem scotty. I do exactly what you said. Group my art, make a dinky circle and align. Then the circle gets deleted.

I’m afraid that you have to have multiple objects selected to enable the alignment tools — I always keep a rectangle the size of the stock out of habit and use that.

Once you have multiples you can then use the “Align to Stock” reference radio button option.

Thanks for the replies guys - I’ll chalk it up as an official “feature request” then!

Sorry for late response, what I mean is select 2 objects then click Alignment Tools. You can then unselect (left click on empty space) said objects’ but still be on “Alignment Tools” tab. Select single elements and align at will. One note, a single object will not move with “Align to Last Selection” ticked have to use “Align to Stock” (which I wish was to default selection).


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