Alignment issues (snap)

I have attached an image of the issue I am having. I am trying to get the highlighted shape to line up with the shape to it’s left. I need it to align on box axis, but no matter what I do I cannot get it to snap to them.

I even create a box outside of the original to try and snap to that, but still nothing.

What am I doing wrong? I know it looks almost aligned, but I need it perfectly aligned along the outer edge of my reference rectangle, and matching the original placement on I guess what would be the X axis.

You are doing nothing wrong. You just need some guidance. This can be done several ways but I like the easy way.

I draw a line from the center of the top radius to the right some distance (to where you want the center of the next part (meaning the space between the parts need to allow for your cutter and some material to cut on each part, right? Then I copy the first part including the new line (IF I am going to put make more parts than 2). I place the copy part somewhere to the right, THEN I click on the center of the radius (Snap enabled) and move this copied part to the end of the line. This gives me correct spacing AND alignment.

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ok I will play around with this. I got my first copy to line up where I wanted, but then carbide create crashed hah.

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turn on snap to grid in upper right corner!

so using the exact method you suggested seems to only work for one copy/paste. When I go to try and make a third it will no longer recognize the snap point.

Even if I try and make a new polyline off the second shape, it will only register end points on the grid and no longer let’s me end my line at mid points… Attached another image.

it is on, think I need to adjust the grid spacing which I did not know you could do.

so there is a rectangle around snap to grid ?

yes, i solved it by changing the grid spacing to .125 but I am still curious as to how @RichCournoyer was doing this without that. Unless you did change the grid size, or just assumed I had.

if you grap your part by the quadrant of your upper circle( or lower) it will snap to the grid and line up regardless of grid spacing. Sorry I mean tangent.

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